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salvianoRegular readers may be getting tired of me singing the praises of Italian white wine, but when something is good I cannot let it slip by. Besides I see a lot of people out there looking for something different in white, and maybe Italy will work for them.

But let me set the scene. Italian white wine is not going to be the next Chardonnay or Sauvignon. It is the polar opposite of those “˜show off’ wines. Italian white wine could be likened to an Armani summer suit, light and understated ““ but with an elegant feel. Classic simplicity. Light, but with some sexiness. They’re mainly opening act wines ““ to get you, and your palate started, to set the scene. Freshness is a key element and flavours tend to be mild, but teasing. The Italian way.

Orvieto (a neighbouring region of Chianti) used to be a big seller before the Pinot Grigio boom. Consider putting some class back into your white wine drinking with this charmer. While most wineries delight in the use of French oak casks, this beauty was nurtured in the traditional European fashion ““ in cement vats. Italy has a way with concrete.

SALVIANO 12 Orvieto Classico, Umbria, Italy 714188 Vintages $14.95

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