Wine By Mood

Wine By Mood: A new, customer friendly approach to wine that creates confidence, while eliminating the need to know, or overspend

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When asked “What’s a good wine?” my reply will always be the same: “A wine that works for the moment.” We can’t talk about best without context. There is no “best”, only “best for”.  And best has nothing to do with the price or prestige of the bottle. This is the most important thing to learn. It’s the secret to good times with wine.


No, and yes. I’ve found that if you pour the wine that satisfies the mood, everyone will enjoy it. Personal taste will influence the degree to which people enjoy it, but if it’s right, it will work. Period. I’ve had people “loving” wines they thought they “hated” when they experienced them in the right context.

The trick is to stop looking at all the choices and start thinking about what you need. Think about what mood you’re in, or what mood you want to create. Identifying your mood establishes what you want, and knowing what you want makes choosing wine easy.

We’re all familiar with music categories which relate to different styles and moods. A person looking for Country never ends up buying Opera. We need to replace the custom of offering wine by country, or grape, with categories that are mood based. That way, even the novice, can find the wine that’s right for their needs.


I looked at the times, situations and desires of different drinking situations. What were the needs of these situations? What was the mood? How many styles of wine do we need? After some trial and error it became clear that there are three different moods for dry whites, and the same for dry red – the old triumvirate! Almost all the white and red wines in the world belong to one of three style categories. And each category relates to a popular drinking situation. Wine made easy, at last.


When we start to see the connection between wine and moods we can stop over-spending on prestige wines in the hope they will give added pleasure. Beethoven may be great, but we don’t need to buy his music just because he’s famous. In music we play what works for our moods and moments – and so it should be in wine.

The old wine ways support wine snobbery. Wine experts love talking down to people – it makes them feel superior. My Wine by Mood system does the opposite. It helps people become their own wine expert.

Tell me your mood and I’ll tell you which wine.


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