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Praise for our PORTUGAL TOUR

Buy lottery tickets! Sell your house! Do everything in your power to join Billy and Kato on next year’s Lisbon trip. BEST HOLIDAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE ““ the wines, the food, the art + architecture, the people, the scenery, the creative force, the surprises… Leigh D., Toronto

Ola! We have been on two trips with Billy and Kato and both were exceptional. If you are hesitant about joining a group trip you will find that after the first round of drinks you will have friends by the end of the trip. These trips are different in that Billy and Kato provide new and unique experiences, and their wealth of knowledge provides educational opportunities. Our advice? Go! The Dennehy’s, Burlington

The tour was truly exceptional ““ wine, food and experiencing the culture and hospitality of the Portuguese people. The attention to detail by our hosts Billy and Kato was outstanding and made it am unforgetable trip!~  V. Huehn, Kingston

Portugal was wonderful and truly a hidden gem. Every part of the tour was perfectly planned down to the last detail and included something for everyone… all woven around Portugal’s culture of amazing food, wine and history. Every day was filled with unforgettable moments… too many to list. We got to see and experience the “authentic” Portugal. S Green-Jones and G Jones, Markham

We have been with Billy and Kato in Lanquedoc, Ireland, Piedmont and Portugal and are going back to Ireland with them again next year. You won’t find anything like the experiences you will have with them. They are warm and charming people and the ambience among their small group of fellow travellers is special. The Hannafords, Burlington

The Billy and Kato Portugal tour is not your usual group tour ““ in fact, the experience is “ouro sobre azur” (“gold over blue”) = perfection. Because Billy and Kato have been doing group tours in Portugal for some time, they have sourced out and are well connected with owners of some of the most unique hotels, restaurants, quintas and other venues in Portugal. They ensure that things run “as smooth as silk” and that each traveller feels special and important. Ken Burford and Yvonne Millman, Toronto

We just returned from the most fantastic trip to Portugal. Truthfully, it was the best vacation I’ve ever had. Billy and Kato selected wonderful wineries, restaurants and activities ““ the days were filled with great food and delicious wines. The group size was perfect. What a great job you did planning this adventure ““ thank you Billy and Kato!~  M. McLeod, Newmarket

Words cannot express how wonderful this whole experience has been. What a wonderful 11 days it has been. I will never forget it. S. Jones, Mississauga

So amazing! I’m not sure there are words to express what we all experienced. Definitely a trip we will remember forever! What Kato and Billy do is phenomenal – so glad you took us all along for the ride! P. Black, Carrying Place

If you are searching for a tour that involves many visits to churches, museums, up at dawn and in bed by 10, then this tour is NOT for you. But, if you are seeking an unforgettable tour with daily surprises and exciting experiences involving food and wine then this IS the tour for you!! This was my first trip to Portugal ““ what an experience!! Kato and Billy are excellent hosts. Each day brought new and unexpected delights, from wineries, food photography, Fado singers, poetry, to the most gorgeous scenery and excellent food. As a single traveler, I found this tour to have the most cohesive and friendly group, no doubt in part to both Billy’s and Kato’s friendliness, knowledge and organization. This is a trip not to be missed. I will most certainly travel with them again and highly recommend this tour. Meryl, Wellandport

Total pleasure and happiness! Everything you had planned out was a first class surprise. I would go back in a heartbeat! Ami, Montreal

Your Lisbon tour exceeded my expectations in every way. You did an incredible job of packing each and every day with the best tours, meals and interesting descriptions. Your choice of hotel, transportation and all events were outstanding. Please use me as a reference to anyone who is interested! Betsy Shea, Toronto

We can say that, thanks to your knowledge of Lisbon and its people, and thanks to your love of the creative spirit, and thanks to your hard work researching interesting places and events, and thanks to your enjoyment of wine and food, and thanks to your great organizational skills, we experienced Lisbon in a way that would have been impossible for just the two of us, or on a conventional tour. Hats off to you! We would not trade the week for all the tiles in Portugal. Darlene and Philip Zylberberg, Sudbury

Our trip to Lisbon with Billy and Kato exceeded all of our expectations!~  The well-planned ~ itinerary included many surprises and was the perfect balance between organized activities and free time. Many of the sites, activities and excursions were ones that we would never have discovered or experienced on our own.~  The meals and wine were wonderful!. We loved every minute of the trip and couldn’t have asked for more! Thank you so much for a wonderful week in such a beautiful city. Barbara Smith, Executive Director/National Youth Orchestra of Canada

I was fortunate enough to be with Billy and Kato on their 2013 Piedmont wine tour in Italy.~  I couldn’t imagine how they would match, let alone improve on that experience when in 2014 I joined them again on their Lisbon trip. Well, by golly”¦.they did. They seem to have a knack for putting a disparate group of travellers, albeit wine lovers, together and making the experience quite something special.~  I would highly recommend joining them on any of their endeavours. Wally Anderson, Simcoe

A week in Lisbon was our second trip with Billy and Kato and once again we enjoyed a terrific trip.~  Billy and Kato are wonderful hosts and had carefully planned activities that showed Lisbon and the surrounding area at its best, but left us enough free time to explore our own interests in the city.~  The accommodations were amazing, beautifully appointed, comfortable, and well located.~  We ate in great restaurants, ranging from upscale winemaker’s dinners to more humble but excellent establishments in the Alfama area.~  Billy introduced us to the many styles and varieties of wonderful Portuguese wine, through impromptu and organized tastings.~  We visited places in and out of Lisbon that we would not have otherwise seen and the thought and care put into making the week special was clear from the moment we arrived in Lisbon. We would not hesitate to recommend Billy and Kato’s tour ““~  travelling with them is indeed an exceptional experience. M.M. and B.C., Kingston

I’m not sure we all REALLY appreciated some of the things we saw or places we ate or people we met as much as we should have because there was so much going on. I’ve been googling things from cards and napkins we picked up and MY two did a superb job at showing us the best of Lisbon and area in a week!!!! Wendy and Wayne Rider, Stratford

Gerry and I had a GREAT time with the whole Lisbon trip, and have many wonderful memories. Thanks for making it so great! Polly Mosher, Oakville

Billy and Kato spent a lot of time organizing this trip and it showed. Many of the places we stayed, food we ate, and experiences we enjoyed, would not have been possible if we had gone on our own. The accommodations were first rate, the restaurants and meals were excellent, and there were new and surprising experiences every day. We did not know that Portugal had so much to offer ““ but Billy and Kato did ““ and they were delighted to share it with us. If you are looking for a first class trip that offers great value and lots of wonderful experiences, travel to Portugal with Billy and Kato. The Boyds, Ancaster


Praise for our ITALY TOUR

Thank you both so much for sharing your incredible northern Italian relationships with us; and particularly for sharing your special own. It was extraordinary, in my view, how you deftly touched people, and filled out the texture and colours of where we were, with your own studied perspectives and lived-in values. This was my first group travel sortie ““ and I’m feeling moved and fortunate that it was shared in your stewardship. There are simply too many eye – and palate – popping Piemonte highlights to list with any fidelity. Bill Roberts, Prince Edward County

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed- and appreciated- the wonderfully curated trip to Piedmonte in September… in fact, I enjoyed the vermouth tasting so much I tracked down the handful of bottles to give as Christmas gifts! You both have a knack for welcoming, including, and educating those who are lucky enough to share a trip with you. Every scrap of every day bore great memories. J. Papino, Toronto

Billy and Kato are a dream team when it comes to organizing a tour.~  The attention to detail, the consideration extended to each guest and most of all the emphasis on fun can’t be matched. They delivered exactly what they promised, an enlightened tour, organized but at a pace that made it feel like a holiday rather than a marathon. The wine knowledge was delivered in classic Billy style, down to earth and in a way that anyone could relate to. Not knowing the daily agenda until the night before was fun and ~ there were no disappointments. No corners were cut, the accommodation and food first class, the wine never ran out and nothing was too much trouble for them to accommodate. It was worth a trip from Australia to be a part of it Piedmont 2017, and we will be back! The Smiths, Brisbane, Australia

Doesn’t matter which tour you choose, they are all unforgettable!~  Just returned from our 4th trip with Billy and Kato, our 2nd to Piemonte! If you want to really experience food, wine (and other assorted libations), first rate accommodations, people, territory, history and downright fun, then join one of their adventures.
Wendy & Wayne Rider, Stratford

The 2013 Billy and Borolo Tour was our second trip with Billy and Kato, having done Lisbon in 2012. Again, what a wonderful trip. When travelling with Billy and Kato, its not just a tourist trip, it is an experience that you don’t forget – great food, great wine, see and do things that tourists don’t get to do and, most of all, lots of fun with 12 new found friends. Ireland is next! Don and Sue Scott, Ottawa

Exceptional all round gastronomical, cultural and just plain fun tour. ~ I can’t think of a better way to experience the Piedmont wine country than joining Kato and Billy. The variety of wine tastings and daily activities are a testament to their thorough advance research and genuine desire to assure a wonderful memory for all. ‘La dolce vitae’ indeed. Brenda Smith, Ottawa

I was so impressed with the attention to details – from the unbelievable food, the (copious) high quality wine, the marvelous accommodations, the camaraderie and all the personal touches.~  As someone who has never considered myself a ‘group traveler’, it far exceeded my expectations. Dr. K. Henderson, Fergus

The Italian Wine Tour in Oct. 2012 was FIRST CLASS ! Billy & Kato thought of everything. It was interesting & fun filled. I’d go again in a heartbeat. Mary Anne Perkins, Milford

To be on a tour with the talented excursionists Billy and Kato, is to experience both the depth and lightheartedness of other cultures. The Munnelly’s are well loved, so doors open for them and their travelling companions – like meeting the uber cool, movie star Mayor of Barbaresco on our recent trip to Italy! Heather Peacock, Toronto

Thank you for our very special experience in Piedmont. Your planning and attention to detail were impeccable and everywhere in evidence. The venues were beautiful and beyond expectation. The schedules were ideal ““ never a dull moment and even civilized departure times! And the food….wow! We were thoroughly spoiled with the wine ““ the variety and we learned so much and loved Billy’s refreshing approach. We were privileged with the calibre and wine events provided and quickly realized it was because of Billy’s unique regard in which he is held. Kato did so much behind the scenes and was such a delight to meet. She has a great gift of mixing, hinging people together and taking a genuine interest in each. What a team! Again, many, many thanks! Hally and Hugh Simmons, Ottawa

What a great way to explore the Barolo region in Italy! From the moment we arrived, we were treated to first class food, accommodation and hospitality. Every day was a new adventure from hiking through a vineyard to dining in a winemaker’s cellar. This was by far the best organized trip that we’ve been on ““ well-paced and the perfect group size. B & H Purvis, New Hamburg, Ontario

What a wonderful experience ““ numerous and varied vineyard and winery tours, great food, very interesting country trips and an outstanding cooking class. “˜Our’ wonderful little town had fantastic views of the Barolo valley, and the residents were friendly and inviting. Everyday we had wonderful experiences that one would not get if on a large commercial tour. We saw, learned, and tried so much, in such a relatively short time, but never felt rushed. Another success story. This was our 3rd trip with Billy & Kato, and each one just as great as the others. Everyone should experience at least one of their tours. The Wellings, Ottawa

The vacation of a lifetime. The accommodations and meals were first class but what made the holiday so special was Billy and Kato’s intimate knowledge of the Piedmont area. At virtually every locale we visited they were greeted like old friends and we were treated like valued guests rather than tourists. This allowed us to experience the region in a way that the average person could never duplicate on their own. Highly recommended. The Sebolds, Prince Edward County

Had been to Italy several times. But this was my first small group travelling ever. Piemonte came vividly alive with Kato and Billy. Relationships, food, wine, learning, and conversation ““ all rooted in local ambience and warm personalities. Did someone say there’s a Portugal trip too? Bill Roberts, Prince Edward County

Absolutely fantastic trip. Billy and Kato are the perfect hosts ensuring unforgettable wine tastings, meals and local experiences. The element of “surprise” around the daily activities added to the fun. Great way to meet and make new friends. After 2 months we are still raving to friends and family about how wonderful everything was from start to finish. Would highly recommend this trip. The Culhanes, Ottawa

I can say without qualification, that my experience of your Italian Wine tour far exceeded anything I could have imagined. Just outstanding in every way. Congratulations! Wally Anderson, Simcoe

“This was our 15th professionally conducted wine trip, and while the previous ones were all fabulous, none were better than our Piedmont trip with Billy and Kato. They are a fun and caring couple who do everything to ensure you have a good time. We would highly recommend them.The Chapmans, Oakville

Kato and Billy took us to parts of Italy in the Piedmont wine country which I would never have discovered on my own. We stayed in top-notch accommodation, and the beautiful rolling hills of vineyards topped by ancient castles were a sight to behold! We saw it all ““ including grape harvesting, VIP winery visits, and a fantastic 3 course cooking class. I had a superb time with a wonderful group of people. Thanks to Billy and Kato ““ our imaginative, inclusive and generous hosts! D Troop, Prince Edward County


Praise for our IRELAND TOUR

I truly believe my trip to Ireland was one of the best times of my life. Chris Rogers, Prince Edward County

What a wonderful trip you and Billy so carefully crafted for us on your “irish spring” pints & hikes tour. At times, the experience was so personalized that we felt we were hanging out with your dear friends whom you had cultivated deep friendships in Ireland over the years. We were fully captivated by Ireland’s breathtaking scenery, and its people. Your tradition of taking “˜the daily pint’ enabled us to connect time and time again. Thank you from Kelly and Maureen.

Once again, Kato and Billy have provided a phenomenal trip. The food was terrific, the accommodations were top notch and the company first rate! But beyond all that, they showed us an Ireland that seems to have been ignored in the history books. A land and a people who fought to retain their culture, their language and often their very existence. Yet they are somehow able to maintain such an attitude of warmth and generosity that you’re welcomed like old friends everywhere you go. If you’re looking for an Ireland full of shamrocks and leprechauns, pick another tour. But if you want to experience the real Ireland, book with Billy and Kato! Thanks again. Ron & Paula Black, Carrying Place

Watching Billy and Kato interact with the local hosts, it became apparent that they all hold our tour leaders in high regard as friends ““ not just business associates. To paraphrase Stravinsky ““ who is reputed to have said that the spaces between the notes in music are every bit as important as the actual notes ““ we found the pacing of the experience absolutely perfect. There was lots of time to explore on our own yet in retrospect we also did a lot together without ever being rushed. Jean and Jim Wilson, Kingston

This would be my advice to the group in your next Ireland trip:
Expect the unexpected.
Be ready with your cameras for some fabulous photo ops.
Be willing to go where no other tourists go.
Pack stretchy pants because you’re in for a culinary treat.
Bring sweaters and rain gear.
Expect to learn so many different things about a very special place.
Brush up on your Irish because you’ll be talking with the locals.
Get used to being blown away.
And drink Guinness.
Lesley Hazeldine, Gabriola, BC

Thanks for all of the preparation and work you put into our trip. It showed in how smoothly everything unfolded. The relationships that you’ve fostered over time gave us an opportunity to share in the passion of so many individuals and their accomplishments. We had a unique opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at people and places that would not be accessible to the “usual” tourist. Thanks for taking us off the “beaten” path. It’s left me with lifelong memories and a great admiration for what the folks that you introduced us to have been able to accomplish. Ed Najgebauer

We had a terrific time with Billy and Kato in Lisbon and Ireland.~  Wow — two for two!~  As before, the touring is well-paced, with daily spontaneity adding to the adventure.~  Each day was jolly good fun, with great food with plentiful drink, and we were able to recharge overnight in comfortable accommodations. P. Mosher, Oakville

Our trip to Ireland (2014) was fabulous. ~ Scenery, accommodations, company, food, drink and transport all first class. Kato and Billy sure know how to be unobtrusive and charming hosts, catering to the group’s needs and desires. ~ We are already recommending the trip to friends. Liz and Doug, St. Catherines

Wonderful vacation that was completely laid out for us, Kato with her gourmet food, Billy with the wine and of course Ireland‘s magnificent scenery. One of the best vacations I’ve ever experienced Marilyn H., Prince Edward County

If one is fortunate enough to sign on for one of Kato and Billy’s tours of Ireland, be prepared: for this is not a tour, it is a cultural immersion. Daily you will see and do and go places that are not on the “tourist trail”. You will enjoy beautiful food and really fine wines and your accommodations will be excellent. There will be scenery that nearly stops your heart.You will walk along a rugged cliff top peninsula which drops precipitously into crashing seas and never feel more alive. You may stop along the way into a small and dark pub.~  A fire will be lit, the Jameson’s will be poured and locals will sing the old songs. Perhaps someone will dance and there certainly will be laughter. Ireland will sing to your soul and free your heart. All I can say is go and soon. Let Kato and Billy show you the true Ireland. Cheers and heartfelt thanks. Becky Pace, NY

We recently had the opportunity of traveling to Ireland on a trip organized by Kato Wake and Billy Munnelly of Billy’s Best Bottles. It was one of the most enjoyable weeks of our lives and we give all the credit to Kato and Billy. The trip was superbly organized. fairly priced and with a perfect combination of organized events and free time. And, most importantly, a huge helping of good fun. Bill & Sharon, Stratford

Thank you, both Billy and Kato, for our wonderful experience in Ireland.~  It wasn’t a tour, but a trip “home” to meet the locals of West Cork.~  My wife, Diane and I have travelled on a number of tours with highly respected tour companies, but those trips do not compare to the experience of our trip with you to Ireland.~  It will always be fondly remembered as one of my favourites.~  We’ll be seeing you both again if you keep doing the trips to foreign lands for good food, great company and wonderful wines. A. Madden, Brampton

The Irish trip was arranged obviously with much thought and care and the result being, for me and my husband, a grand combination of a beautiful castle to call home, delicious food and wine, very interesting trips, time to explore but equal time to relax, and the crowning glory new acquaintances who became friends. Billy and Kato are a special couple who obviously enjoy what they are doing and they do it so well. ~ Thank you Billy ad Kato for a holiday that was so different and so memorable. Julia Lake, Oakville

One must eat & drink to survive so you might as well~ go crazy with it and did~ we ever!~ ~ Complimented by~ accommodations fit for royalty,~ specially selected cultural excursions and of course great craic,~ Billy & Kato delivered a wonderfully unique, Irish experience of a lifetime!Billy and Kato’s power to create the unique, fun- drenched, “Best Week of My Life” experience in Ireland, has transformed this previous Reluctant traveler, into a “Sign me up for ALL of your tours, travel enthusiast”! Heather Peacock, Toronto

Billy and Kato are the best tour guides on the planet! We did and saw so much, but never felt rushed, and got to see all the non-touristy stuff that made our Ireland trip the best week of our lives. I cannot recommend them highly enough! Dr. Mike Mandel, Toronto

Nicky and I want to thank Billy and Kato, for the best trip ever. The days were filled with adventure and surprise, you were never quite sure what village or castle you would end up in, but it was always amazing, and the evenings were fit for Kings and Queens. We will be in line for any upcoming destination that Billy and Kato have picked, they just excel at creating an magical journey, our memories of Ireland will always warm our hearts…..thanks to Billy and Kato. Slan go foille! Ken Walton, Toronto

We enjoyed roads less travelled, getting to know both the land and the people, and avoiding heavily tourist circuits. West Cork is a calm slice of heaven. Our travel companions were delightful, funny, and musically gifted. Billy and Kato are warm, genuine, multi-talented hosts who are always ready for fun and conversation. At the end of the trip it felt like we had been friends for years. If you are wondering if one of their trips is right for you…. YES, it will be!!!! Do it. B. Murdoch, Waterloo

We loved Ireland and once again you spoiled us thoroughly! Everything was so beautifully organized with superb attention to detail starting well before our trip. The accommodation was delightful, the wine and food delicious, the itinerary creative and beautifully paced with interests for all, and the other guests a pleasure to be with. Thank you for introducing us with such care and fun to the magic of Ireland! The Simmons, Ottawa

A simple “thank you” seems most inadequate after the wonderful days we spent with you and the other travelers. Loved the villages, gardens sites and pubs, the fun activities and the delightful company every step of the way. You showed us an Ireland that most visitors would miss, while setting a pace perfect for enjoyment and reflection. Excellent food, ample drink, lively conversation, gorgeous locations, consummate hosts. It couldn’t get any better. Bill and Gerry Smyth

Can you imagine playing bocce on a windswept beach in Ireland with the wine cooling in a tidal pool? I can and did!! My tour of Ireland with Billy and Kato was a wonderful experience. I saw the beauty of Ireland, tasted wonderful foods and wines and met the very friendly locals in pubs. Both Kato and Billy are excellent hosts and engage you in activities that are unusual, informative and so well planned. I thoroughly enjoyed every day. Accommodations were always excellent. I prefer a small group, and Kato and Billy always ensure everyone is comfortable. We became a very cohesive and fun group. Certainly, a trip filled with lovely memories! You must go! M. Zuliani, Wellandport

Thanks, Billy and Kato, for a truly wonderful trip. I’ve often dreamed of a vacation that would incorporate fabulous food, wine, culture, scenery and fantastic company ““ our Ireland excursion was all that and more. Outstanding! E. Helps, Ariss

Our trip was fabulous. Scenery, accommodations, company, food, drink and transport all first class. Kato and Billy sure know how to be unobtrusive and charming hosts, catering to the group’s needs and desires. D. Suarez, St Catharines

Our second trip with Billy and Kato and once again a fabulous vacation. Their in-depth knowledge of the area and close personal connections with the local population gave us an experience not accessible to the average tourist. Every day brought new and fun adventures with a small, eclectic group of travelers who were a delight to be with. Would we travel with Billy and Kato again? Yes, in a heartbeat. Highly recommended. The Seybolds, Picton


Praise for our FRANCE TOUR

“Back from Billy and Kato’s tour to the Langedouc region in France. It really doesn’t matter where you go with these two ““ they do an exceptional job of choosing dining venues and wineries that provide a wide spectrum of excellent local fare. Certainly see places and engage with people we would never encounter on our own adding a ~´je ne sais quoi’ to the whole experience. The fact that most on the tour were “˜repeat offenders’ speaks volumes for the expectation of fun and learning we all have when being on a BBB tour. We were not disappointed.” B. Smith, Toronto

Billy and Kato’s France Tour is a gift you should give yourself. You arrive at a country chateau that is a working winery ““ spring green vineyards as far as the eye can see, interrupted only by silvery groves of olives and bright meadows filled with red poppies. You will eat absolutely delicious and artfully prepared food: duck, pates, local goat cheeses all served with abundant wine, and this is only lunch!~  There are field trips to neighbouring wineries, medieval villages, local markets and always a few delightful surprises!~  Food, wine, a bit of culture, much laughter and a lot of fun. You will be living what the French call joie de vivre– the exuberant enjoyment of life! Billy and Kato should be nominated as a National Treasure of Tourism. They have certainly outdone themselves with their France Tour. B. Pace, NY

Are you thinking about taking a Billy’s Best Bottles trip? Don’t think for a minute longer!~  We just returned from the 2019 south of France tour. My partner Trevor said “It was the best trip of our life.” We have done a fair bit of European travel in groups and on our own, but this trip really was the best. There isn’t one thing that made it so ““ there were so many highlights ““ the breathtaking views, the carefully planned activities, sight-seeing, lunches, dinners, amazing wines, the accommodation, and barrels of laughter with new friends. All effortlessly managed and executed by Billy and Kato who have their special brand of magic, and who make it a five-star experience. It was the right balance of sophistication, cultural activities, and gourmet experiences, all staged in sublime settings. Jack & Trevor, Kingston

Back from Billy and Kato’s maiden tour to the Langedoc region in France. It really doesn’t matter where you go with these two – they do an exceptional job of choosing dining venues and wineries that provide a wide spectrum of excellent local fare.~  We saw places and engaged with people we would never encounter on our own adding a ~´je ne sais quoi’ to the whole experience.~  The fact that most everyone on the tour were “repeat offenders” speaks volumes for the expectation of fun and learning we all have when being on a BBB tour. We were not disappointed. Brenda Silver, Ottawa

Our France trip like the term Terroir was a totally enjoyable and unique but undefinable experience. Kato and Billy were masters of bringing out the very best of Languedoc-Roussillon by providing the best atmosphere and activities that allowed the region to shine. Fun, education, local colour, fabulous wines and food, plus comraderie without being forced or contrived. D. Suarez, Brock University retired

Thank you for the most wonderful week! Your programming was perfect, a little bit of everything, including shopping for salad! Just loved it! The group was also so easy and inclusive and loved my accommodation! It was indeed a very special week that I will treasure for a long time. A. Bard, Montreal

This has been my 4th tour with Billy and Kato. I have traveled with them to Portugal, Ireland and Portugal again. After every trip, I say “This was the best ever!! They certainly can’t outdo this one.” Well, they just did again! Ahhh, the south of France! Rolling hills, lush vineyards, hiking, biking, bocce, fabulous outdoor lunches and of course the most excellent wines and food. Billy and Kato’s tours are always exciting and surprising. You never know what is just around the corner or what delightful village you may visit. The people who share the tour with you are always such a friendly, outgoing, fun loving group. You always have a new friend at your side. That of course is due to Billy and Kato’s attention to detail, and their efforts and activities to make a cohesive group. I highly recommend any of their tours. In fact, I think I will do another!!! Meryl

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  • Ireland Tour 2018 – If you want to learn about, live and feel the real Ireland, this is the tour for you. No one but Billy and Kato can put on a tour like this. So, so much fun. It has hard to come up with the words to describe this trip. Take this tour and see for yourself!

    Don and Sue

  • We just arrived home from Ireland. This was our second trip with Kato and Billy, (first Portugal and now the Emerald Isle). Both trips gave us an intimate view and flavour of each country, by taking us to places and sharing experiences that the average tourist would never find on their own. We met the locals, heard their stories, learned their history, dined with them and shared their passion for their home. The activities each day were varied and truly unique. We want to do it all again and again and again. Kudos to Kato and Billy for their care and thoughtfulness to detail that make every trip a treasured collection of adventures.

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