LCBO Vintages Saturday Nov 7

Vintages Saturday November 7th 2009

THE LOW DOWN: This is Vintages at its best. Offering wine styles not generally available. In whites there’s seductive Viognier, classy Quincy and an upscale Pinot Grigio. Those who share my fondness for rustic reds will have a field day with no less than six picks. I’m offering six rich reds too with Val Joanis Syrah leading the show for value.
Wine style: FRESH WHITE
Jean-Michel Sorbe 08 Quincy, Loire, France 608877 $18.95
If you share my fondness for slightly tart whites with crystal clear flavours here’s a must buy. Spring day freshness and a great lift for the senses. Jazzy aperitif ““ but needs the summer season. Stick a few bottles away till then.

stoccoWine style: NICE & EASY WHITE
Stocco 08 Pinot Grigio, Friuli, Italy
135558 $14.95
The zesty quality of PG combined with sweet kisses. Yummy, yummy stuff. Sip anytime. Would be a huge hit at holiday parties.

nordViognierWine style: RICH WHITE
Laurent Miguel 08 Viognier “˜Nord Sud’, Languedoc, France
673236 $16.95
Would be hard to find a prettier wine. Lush, lovely and slightly sweet. A lover’s kiss. Best with spicy/hot food. If you’ve never had Viognier this would be a good first date.

yulmbaViognWine style: RICH WHITE
Yalumba 08 Viognier, Eden Valley, Australia
954644 $22.95
Lush, exotic, glamorous and sure to seduce. Movie star edition of Viognier. A super-rich white to sip late evening on the couch.

edenvalleyWine style: RICH WHITE
Thorn-Clarke Eden-Valley 08 Chardonnay “˜Terra Barossa’, Australia
651349 $14.95
Well mannered Chard with lots of refreshment and a good-with-anything feeling. Upscale house wine.

Wine style: RUSTIC RED
Boeri 08 Dolcetto, Monferrato, Piedmont, Italy 134825 $13.95
Gutsy, tart, earthy red. Very local ““ add crusty bread and cheese and you’re in Italy. Wine this rustic is seldom exported. Not for the Shiraz drinker but a must for fans of traditional wines. You know who you are!

ascheriWine style: RUSTIC RED
Ascheri 07 Barbera d’Alba “˜Fontanelle’, Piedmont, Italy
982462 $17.95
Classic Barbera ““ rustic, invigorating and challenging. The feeling of stepping into an old country café filled with decades of history and local flavour. A bit scary at first but hang in and the rewards will be priceless. Drink with, and as you prepare an Italian supper.

gourgWine style: RUSTIC RED
Ch. de Gourgazaud 07 Minervois “˜Cuvée Mathilde’, France
958629 $14.95
Lots of bistro character here. Not for the timid. Gutsy wine to pair with hearty meals. You’ll that you’re in France.


Wine style: RUSTIC RED
Coyote’s Run 07 Cabernet Franc “˜Black Paw Vineyard’, VQA Four Mile Creek, Niagara 50450 $19.95
Seriously tart red that could be a Barbera. But what a wonderful expression of the lively Cab Franc grape. Invigorating stuff for early in the evening and to partner with traditional bistro foods.

lafaurieMonbWine style: RUSTIC RED
Ch. de Lafaurie”“Monbadon 05 Cotes de Castillon, Bordeaux
140012 $15.00
Take a trip to a French bistro with this rustic red. Refreshingly real. I love the backstreet character. Beef or lamb.

bruscoWine style: RUSTIC RED
Barbi 07 “˜Brusco dei Barbi’, Tuscany, Italy
673160 $14.95
Traditional Tuscan expression ““ lots of earthy flavours, even a little gamey. The tangy bite that gets the taste buds craving food.~  If you’re a fan of late Fall this is your wine. Have with anything oven”“roasted.

valjonaisWine style: RICH RED
Ch. Val Joanis 06 Syrah, Rhône, France
965616 $15.95
Wonderful earthy, peppery rich red. You can taste the south of France. Stock up for winter. What a great value.

vaceryaresWine style: RICH RED
Pierre Amadieu 07 Vacqueyras, Rhône, France
76398 $21.95
A mini Chateauneuf du Pape. Super rich, slightly sweet and very fireside. A winter warmer.

rochesWine style: RICH RED
Ch. Les Roches de Ferrand 05 Fronsac, Bordeaux, France
138669 $24.95
If you’re up for a traditional evening of Bordeaux and roast beef here’s a wine that won’t blow the budget. Dusty dry, appetizing and self assured. Best with people of similar character.

closdeBoisWine style: RICH RED
Clos du Bois 06 Merlot, Sonoma, California
34900 $19.95
The folks at Clos du Bois are really good at combining Californian richness and ripeness with some French elegance. And delivering it at a reasonable price. Guaranteed to impress.

eldestonFriendsWine style: RICH RED
Elderton 08 Shiraz “˜Friends’, Barossa Valley, Australia
660480 $15.00
Perfectly named! This is crowd-pleasing stuff that would work with ribs, turkey or for the weekend bash. Nothing dark or dense ““ more of the bright, lively spirit of Zin.

closWine style: RICH RED
Le Clos Jordanne 07 Pinot Noir, VQA Twenty Mile Bench, Niagara
33951 $40.00
Wonderful earthy, manly Pinot. A must buy for the fan, but it needs a year or two to really shine. Le Clos Jordanne is one of the top wineries in Canada for sure. You can find a selection of their wines at the better WineRack stores.

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