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Billy’s Best Bottles Wines for 2010″“ the most useful wine book on the market”¦and the best selling annual wine book in Canada!

Have more fun with wine without getting too serious or snobby. This year’s book recommends over 200 wines easily available at your local liquour store. Most are under $20 and many are under $12. Match wine with mood and drink in the context where the wine shines best.

Consider buying this book as your first investment in the enjoyment and understanding of wine. It will pay for itself on your next shopping trip to the wine store. You’ll avoid ‘bad buys’ and buy only the best. This little wine book won’t tell you everything about wine””just the bits that are important and useful, and which would, otherwise, take a lifetime to learn.

* over 200 wine recommendations organized by MOOD and COUNTRY ““ you’ll buy the right wine for the situation you have in mind
* ’20 Steps to Winedom’
* ’20 Wine Things I’ve Learned in 20 Years’
* ’20 Years of This Book’
* WINE BY MOOD spectrum
* Q & A’s
* Wine In Your Life ““ entertaining tips
* Grape Class 101
* All wines are shown with a colour bottle shot and mood category
* Best Times suggestion for each wine
* Billy’s Recommended Vintages Essentials

While the book recommends wines offered in Ontario (from the General and Vintages Essentials), many are available in other provinces (and around the world). Simply supply the CSPC product code number listed after the name of each wine and your store will be able to source it for you.

Retail value is $19.95.
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11 or more copies………….$12.75 each plus GST…lowest price ever!

Under $25……………. add $4
$25 – $49,,…………… add $6
$50 – $100…………… add $8
Over $100……………. add $12

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Find it at your favourite book store or order from us (and save a bunch when you buy 10 or more copies).

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“Most wine writing is PC. Billy Munnelly is Mac: user-friendly, intuitive and fun. If you want baffling jargon, subjective scores and “notes of saddle leather” look elsewhere. If you want an enjoyable and enlightening guide that will help you buy tonight’s wine, Billy’s Best Bottles is your best bet.” Graham Duncan, NOW magazine

“Many writers will lay claim to being paragons of anti-snobbery, but no one shows pretense the door like Billy Munnelly.” Beppi Crosariol, The Globe and Mail

“With an adventurous and refreshing down-to-earth style Munnelly’s reviews are unfailingly honest and un-snobby. The bible, the trail guide and the bedside companion.” Outpost magazine

“Great book! Thanks for clarifying the mystique of wine. I’ll take your book with me to the LCBO. Now I won’t have to choose my wines according to the Air Miles promotions!”
Susan D.

“I am delighted to have my ‘Spiritual Adviser’.”
Norman S.

“I have found your book to be the most indispensable wine guide out there. Our copy is just loaded with post-its and page markers, and we have both learned so much about wine from it. And we love your ‘wine by mood’ philosophy!”
Sherry K.

“Billy Munnelly is best described as a professional drinker. That being said, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. However, his annual wine book is a serious addition to a wine lover’s library. The book is ring bound, making it very handy to carry around in the wine store.”
Evelyn Sloan, The Harvest Table magazine

For Billy Munnelly, wine is not about prestige: it’s all about pleasure. The big, important wines are impressive in much the same way as the great churches of Europe are: a wow for sure, but their grandeur is overwhelming and intimidating. They do not create a huge desire to return. Over the years, Billy realized that we have the best relationship with places and pleasures that are not so big, important or grand. We like to be able to work fun into life and that happens best when we take the low road… the back-street café over the fancy joint. Billy suggests the wines in this book because they are good value, AND because they’ll give you the best times.

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