LCBO Vintages Saturday January 9, 2010

THE LOW DOWN: Best Vintages release in a long time. Lots of great tasting and distinctive wines for only $12.95. But you must try the Rasteau for $15.

rapaanytime sipper
wine style: fresh white
RAPAURA SPRINGS 08 Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, N.Z. 142919 $14.95 New Zealand Sauv in a mellow mood. Well, almost. The usual exuberance is tempered with fruitiness and a little richness. Gentle refreshment. An anytime sipper.

akamemayummy white
wine style: nice & easy white
ANAKENA 09 Viognier, Chile 45138 $12.95 Zesty, fruity and pleasant. All in moderation. The nice guy/girl. The perfect party pleaser. Yummy champion for the month.

donaPgreat value Chard
wine style: rich white
DONA PAULA 08 Chardonnay, Mendoza, Argentina 93898 $12.95 Rich, exotic flavoured Chard. Manages to feel both citrussy dry and seductively rich ““ with charm to burn. Go get it.

lesPiliersrich Chardonnay alternative
wine style: rich white
MICHEL GASSIER 08 Viognier ‘Les Piliers’, VDP d’Oc, France 669531 $16.95 A whopper! Super rich white wine in the Chardonnay style. Warming, spicy and quite seductive. White meats or fish with lots of herbs.

saumurseafood partner
wine style: fresh white
DOM de la SEIGNEURIE des TOURNELLES 08 Saumur Blanc, Loire, France 141879 $12.95 Wow! Takes your breath away ““ seriously tart and dry along with an earthy sense of place. A great example of cool climate wine. Challenging, a bit raunchy and in need of a platter of seafood. Produced from the Chenin Blanc grape.

Azevedobuy for summer
wine style: fresh white
QUINTA de AZEVEDO 08 Vinho Verde, Portugal 727115 $11.95 White wine doesn’t get more refreshing and exuberant. Low alcohol, lighthearted and dying for seafood on a hot summer evening. Worth the wait.

teixeirobuy for summer
wine style:
fresh white
PACO de TEIXEIRO 08, Minho, Portugal
21469 $12.95 Vinho Verde style ““ light and tart with the herbaceous flavours of Sauvignon Blanc. Another wine to buy for summer guzzling.

terrawinter warmer
wine style: rich red
TERRA d’ALIGI 06 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo ‘Tatone’, Abruzzo, Italy 994616 $15.95 A blockbuster. Deep and hearty with an old world, rustic feeling.

chVCobieriesbistro red
wine style: rich red
Ch. de VAUGELAS 07 Corbieres ‘Le Prieuré’, France 154617 $12.95 Lots of warmth and richness, backed up with a rustic tang. Bistro wine. Enjoy with hearty winter foods.

rasteauvive la France!
wine style: rich red
CAVE de RASTEAU 08 Rasteau ‘Ortas’, Cotes du Rhône-Villages’, France 998716 $15.00 Plush and lush. Lots of comfort, peppery flavours and a warmhearted feeling. Chateauneuf-style wine at a THIRD of the price. Wonderful stuff. You may never buy another Aussie Shiraz. (**Kato’s favourite pick!)

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  • I picked up much of what you rec0mmended. But I was curious about an Emiglia Romana Sangiovese that has not come highly recommended by anyone except Alan Kerr. (Last year there was a fabulous one from E-R called Gutturnio with an incredible nose and a barnyard full of flavours), but by Sunday pm this wine had virtually disappeared from Toronto. All gone from Summerhill, so I headed over through non-functioning traffic lights to the Manulife Centre, where I scored the last three bottles. I am wondering if you tried it, and what jungle drum made this disappear so fast. I am ready to start a campaign for privatisation. I have wine maker friends in Italy who just shake their heads when you mention the aptly named Control Board.

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