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A big part of the fun of wine is enjoying a variety of experiences in one evening. Buy this trio for your next party. The Deakin delivers typical Aussie fruity/spicy/sweet flavours, but there’s also a bright, fresh feeling. Playfulness along with the richness. A really good please-all red for the season. Pleasing on the pocket too. Lightly chill to bring out the refreshment.

Louis Bernard’s Cotes du Rhone is one of the most over-looked gems in red wine. So nourishing, so refreshing, so tasty, so good. Fun wine with soul. Equally good to gulp, or to savour ““ will deliver at the party, or the dinner table. The handy screwcap makes it even more perfect.

Sandbanks often craft their Baco with too much “˜niceness’ but the current vintage respects the grapes rustic side. But fear not ““ it’s still might gulpable. One of the best party/anytime local reds. Could even win over a die-hard Shiraz fan.

DEAKIN ESTATE 10 Shiraz, Australia 560821 $9.95
LOUIS BERNARD 11 Cotes du Rhone Villages, France 391458 $13.95
SANDBANKS 11 Baco Noir, VQA Ontario 110049 $14.95

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