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SangioveseIf wine bliss for you is a few glasses of blockbuster red ignore this posting. The wine that I’m recommending is at the opposite end of the red wine spectrum. Light, a little tart, and probably 79 on the scoring systems used by most writers. A failure.

Fans of light-ish reds however, are in for a treat because I’m going to tell you about something really good that sells for only $6.50. No typo, no kiddin ““ $6.50. I’ll be very surprised if it’s not my red wine buy of the year.

Pasqua’s Sangiovese is a perfect edition of a wine style that unfortunately is now out of fashion. A style that refreshes, that flatters food and which can be gulped because of its moderate alcohol content. Wine that suggests lighthearted times, everyday foods and sociability. Wine with the original purpose ““ for everyday, for everyone.

Pasqua is a traditional producer from the Veneto region (Valpolicella) so they know a thing or two about light reds. The wine below however, is from Puglia in the south but the feeling is very Chianti, home of the Sangiovese grape. How confusing. This is why I always say you’re better off not knowing the details. So forget this part.

Expect lots of vitality and bright flavours. A lively, gutsy, refreshing experience. A drinking wine. A real Italian experience. Perfect with just about any food other than porterhouse steak. Lightly chill. When we get into the patio season I’ll decant into a clear glass bottles to show-off the light, summery colour.

P.S. If 1500ml is beyond your nightly quota I suggest you pour the big guy into two regular sized bottles.

PASQUA 09 Sangiovese, Puglia, Italy 441428 1500ml/$12.95

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