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Let’s not forget that France pioneered many of the wines that we enjoy today. However, they got greedy and over charged, as well as compromising quality. As regular readers know France is having a rebirth, and delivering high quality at reasonable prices. Usually offering more character than big-selling New World brands. As a recent Vintages tasting I made a note to get some of this trio ““ each a classic Bistro wine.

Larroque Esprit-RHoneSt-AmourCH. LARROQUE 10 Bordeaux, France 92536 Vintages $15.95
. . . Bordeaux is the original Bistro Red for simply grilled meats (Cabernet-Merlot blend)

DELAS 13 Cotes du Rhone, France 729962 Vintages $16.95
. . . Cotes du Rhone is the original Bistro Red for hearty meals with lots of spice.

FERRAUD 14 Saint-Amour, Beaujolais, France 443044 Vintages $19.95
. . . Cru Beaujolais is the original Bistro Red for roast chicken, and other white meats.

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  • Thanks so much for recommending Chateau Larroque!

    Lately I’ve been really put off any time I taste sweet or overly oaky notes in my reds.
    Was wondering what you might recommend at a higher price point that was have the same acidity but perhaps more *bones* or depth?

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