BBQ Reds from California

BBQredsYou’ll find a few good reds in the $15 price range with Zinfandel leading the way. Smoking Loon offers Zin with Beaujolais drinkability. Fun party, or week-night red. Zinfatuation lives up to its name ““ fruity, spicy, yummy and seductive.

Ravenswood have always been the “˜heartbeat’ of Zin, irreverent, rich red that just wants to have fun. If Cabernet is about power, Zin is Pop Art ““ the Andy Warhol of red wines. 181 Cellars Merlot combines a solid, earthy character with this grape’s usually plummy, lovely quality. Could be related to Zin.

Pinot Noir is always expensive, but Bonterra’s organic offering would be a delicious light red partner for a Summer salmon BBQ. Lightly chilled of course.

SMOKING LOON 10 Zinfandel “˜Old Vine’, California 272393 $14.95

TRINCHERO “˜ZINFATUATION’ 10 Zinfandel, Amador County, California 274746 $16.95

RAVENSWOOD 10 Zinfandel “˜Vintners Blend’, California 359257 Vintages Essentials $17.95

181 WINE CELLARS 10 Merlot, Lodi, California 226530 $16.95

BONTERRA 10 Pinot Noir, Mendocino, California (Organic) 317685 Vintages $19.95

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  • Additionally, the Ravenswood is selling for $7.95 down here in sunny California. That, with our dollar around parity the last few years – and the “weighty” buying power of the LCBO. Mmmm…

  • Hi, After having family visit the hospital, with an extended stay, I would much rather pay the extra per bottle of wine then pay the cost of the deductable. My family membe is now just under $500,000 in debit. That’s a ton of bottle of beautiful wines!!

  • Hang on guys, you’ve bought into the LCBO/Ontario Gov hype over the LCBO. The LCBO is a poorly run organization and a poor way of collecting tax dollars. Free enterprise stores would generate MORE tax dollars (our ‘not-so-smart’ Liberal government has several reports recommending privatization) for healtcare, education, etc. We can have-it-all here in Ontario, if we had better government.

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