Wowed by Cider

Here is a unique Quebec Sparkling Cider that’s one hell of a drink. Guaranteed to rid you of any hang-ups you may have about cider. It’s medium dry but with enough tartness to be refreshing, however the real show is delicious peachy flavours ““ red berries were macerated with the apples ““ fun fizzyness, and gorgeous salmon pink colour. If this doesn’t wow your palate, nothing will. At only 7% alcohol it’s the perfect summer sipper, and picnic partner. And don’t sweat the price ““ we’re talking Champagne level pleasure.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with this drink. Send pics of your celebrations.

WARNING! The popularity of cider has attracted the attention of beer and booze producers such as Keith’s and Seagrams who are heavily promoting their brands. BE WARNED, these drinks are sweet concoctions loaded with all the usual added flavours for mass appeal ““ think coolers or Mike’s Hard Lemonade. They contain little or no cider. Apparently there are no content laws around the use of the word cider.

ST-NICOLAS CRACKLING CIDER, Quebec 275362 $19.95

P.S. More Pink Wines in a few days.

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