Wine Markups in Restaurants

If you share my dislike of restaurant wine pricing you may like to visit Café Taste in Toronto’s Parkdale district. Lots of good local stuff at reasonable prices such as Lailey Merlot for $40, or Sandbanks Baco for $31. Taste is always buzzing with art shows, wine events, music, movie nights ““ just a great local café.

Café Taste 1330 Queen W at Brock

We’d love to hear about YOUR ideas concerning restaurant wine markups. Rumour has it that 300% is the norm. It’s VERY disappointing that the LCBO does not offer large discounts for mass purchases of a product, like they do everywhere else in the world. Why should an owner who sells cases and cases of a product have to pay the same as Joe off the street who buys just one unit?

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