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Vintages is currently offer traditional editions of two reds that first got me interested in wine. Chianti and Barbera. However, both wines have been losing their identity with today’s customers demanding richness and smoothness. Thankfully some producers are sticking with old ways, and I invite you to explore the following “˜originals’.

PPiazzanoiazzano is both fruity and tart. You get a cuddle and a smack. Could not be more Italian. I love the purity and honesty in this wine. And how it invites everyday meals ““ that celebrate the rustic/earthy side of life.

Fontanafredda‘s wine is also quite dry, with a refreshing tartness ““ and lots of vigour and bite. Feels a shade slimmer than the Chianti, but definitely in the family of rustic Italian reds. Bring on the pasta or pizza.

FATTORIA di PIAZZANO 13 Chianti 393199 Vintages $14.95

FONTANAFREDDA 13 Barbera d’Alba “˜Raimonda’, Piedmont, Italy 231136 Vintages $16.75



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