The Season for Icewine


Icewine is one of Canada’s gifts to the wine world so why not partake? It’s expensive but there are ways to soften the blow. Pour small amounts, use just a splash to enrich sparkling wine, or keep the bottle~  yourself for a week of night caps.

Local Icewine is not just a one pony show. There’s Vidal ““ luscious, exotic, etc, and then there’s Riesling ““ heavenly sweetness combined with mineral freshness for a more elegant experience. And the hot new kid, Cabernet Franc ““ lovely berry fruit flavours.

Cakes or caramel desserts are good food partners, but feel free to explore other combinations. Such as sipping after a Sunday brunch, apré-ski or as a dessert alternative.

The following “˜gift sets’ are available at the LCBO. An opportunity to explore ““ with some of the best.

HENRY OF PELHAM Icewine 3″“Pack (Vidal, Riesling, Cabernet Franc), VQA Niagara 94110 3x200ml $99.95

INNISKILLIN Icewine 2″“Pack, (Vidal & Riesling), VQA Niagara 601021 2x200ml $64.95

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  • I’d like to put in a plug for the quality ice ciders coming out of Quebec. There are some very impressive offerings in both the normal apple cider but also a few very tasty pear ciders. Prices seem to be a bit lower than the comparable ice wines. Most of the quality ones come from small producers and may not be available outside Quebes.

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