The $13.95 Solution! Part 2

LCBO Vintages likes to promote $19.95 as the going price for premium wines, but it ain’t true. There are lots of less expensive wines that fit the “˜something special’ category. This South African Sauv is a wake-up call to include that country in your shopping.


Most of South Africa’s wine regions are located in the sunny areas east and north of Cape Town, but here’s a wine from the windswept, most southerly tip of the country. Shades of Newfoundland in its wildness, and remoteness. The perfect “˜cool climate’ spot for producing Sauvignon Blanc in the lean, pure style of the original Loire version. Think razor edged, modest alcohol wine for aperitif, or seafood appetizers. Oysters for sure (have fond memories of having them on site with this wine). The ultimate best time will be a season from now sitting on the patio. Should mention that this style is very different from the exotic flavours and richness found in Kiwi, Chilean and other warm climate Sauvignons.

STRANDVELD VINEYARDS 17 Sauvignon Blanc, “˜First Sighting’ Cape Agulhas, South Africa 18705 Vintages $13.95

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