Strong Patrick

patrick2All things saintly are highly charged this week as St Patrick’s feast day co-insides with the election of a new Catholic chief in Rome. In keeping with Irish custom, I’ll be observing both events from what we call a safe spot ““ behind a pint of Guinness. However, I must admit to some distraction in the form of Beau’s terribly irreverent, and terribly good, Strong Patrick Ale. Toasty, malty nourishment for sure ““ delivered with Beau’s usual brilliant graphics and humour. And cheeky price.

Depicting Patrick as a crazy Mexican god must surely be a forward step in multiculturalism. Or should that be singlegodism! Just in case you missed one detail, this is strong ale, not suited for gulping. Best enjoyed late in the evening, or for courage before hitting the confessional box.

BEAU’S STRONG PATRICK 329144 600ml $7.85

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  • Well I got sucked in. The Pepperwood Grove Zin tastes like last decade’s Yellow Tail Shiraz. Sweet and vanilla-ish (not in a good way).
    However, the Sledgehammer Zin is on sale and it’s big enough to make me turn on the BBQ and sing America the Beautiful. Okay, maybe that’s because I married an American – but I do love this Zinfandel.

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