Italy has hundreds of indigenous white grape varieties that would blow your mind, but chances are you’re not going to taste them for a whole bunch of reasons such as scarcity and the conservative buying attitude of the LCBO. However one white Italian variety ““ Pecorino has achieved trendy status and is a semi-regular on the Vintages shelves.

Fans of natural, pure flavours will love this Pecorino from the Talamonti winery. It shimmers like spring light on a lake, tingles like a salt water dip, and engages with high energy and classic simplicity. Think Italian sports car ““ at a Honda price. Lighter than a Chardonnay sex bomb, milder than a rocking Sauvignon ““ instead it offers elegance and friendliness. A delicious partner for a platter of seafood. France used to have an exclusive on this elegant white wine style, but no longer. Italian grapes such as Pecorino ““ when well crafted, can compete with the best Chablis or Sancerre.

Talamonti is a small, relatively new, winery with traditional values ““ but a modern outlook. Just one of so many Abruzzo wineries that deserve better exposure in our market. The name of this wine comes from an ancient off-shore fishing contraption ““ long platforms with long wooden arms supporting a net called a“˜Trabocchetto’.

TALAMONTI 12 Pecorino “˜Trabocchetto’, Pescara, Abruzzo 372474 Vintages $15.95

P.S. Last Spring I had the pleasure of spending a few days in the Abruzzo region and was blown away by the mountain and coastal scenery. A hike in the Majella Park is a feast of nature and man-made marvels such as the 12th century San Giovanni Hermitage (deluxe cave), Pescera has gorgeous beaches, and inland towns such as Loreto Aprutino rival anything in Tuscany for architecture, charm and authentic restaurants. One of my best-ever seafood meal was at La Polena Restaurant, ( just N. of Pescera.

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