Old World vs New World

As you know, most wines fall into one of these categories, but what do they mean to the drinker? Which is best, or more importantly, which is right for you? I suggest you forget that question for now and concentrate on understanding the differences. Which I will attempt to explain.


Big expression of grape flavours. Very correct wines. Balanced, smooth. Slightly sweet. Every bottle feels like it’s posing ““ trying hard to be an edition of something great. You’ll love it because it’s been crafted to win you over. And most times it will, because it’s yummy on the first sip. Good partner for fast foods and anything well sauced, and spicy/sweet. Also a good party drink.

Honest expressions of place and grape variety. No attempt to be anything else. Very dry. Refreshing, and sometimes slightly bitter. Nature is not perfect, so why should wine, a product of nature, be any different! Take it or leave it. The wine equivalent of “˜foreign movies’. Good partner for simply grilled or roasted meats. Not a great party drink. Because variety is the spice of life I entertain and enjoy both styles. The decision of what to open is based on my mood and the occasion.

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