Monthy Python Deja Vu

FULL-CHEESEMANcameraRemember the Monty Python skit where John Cleese had trouble finding cheese at the cheese store? Well, I just had a similar experience.

A winery friend was visiting from BC and I wanted to send him home with some of Ontario’s finest cheeses. We were having dinner in TO’s west end so naturally I headed down to the city’s cheese Mecca, The Cheese Boutique on Ripley Ave. “What do you carry from Fifth Town in the County?” “Sorry, nothing.”

No worries I thought, my old town of Stratford will do fine. “What do you carry from Montforte? “Sorry, nothing.”

A fine selection of cured meats caught my attention so I thought of saving the day with some of Mario Pinque’s prosciutto. “Sorry, we don’t carry that.”

As I drove back up Ripley I thought, “I’ve just had a “˜believe it or not experience.”

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