London Calling

My annual London book-signing happened yesterday at Jill’s Kitchen Table. Best turnout EVER for London locals. Thanks to those who came, and thanks to Jill for having one of the best kitchen stores in the country.

Jill got us hooked on our Nespresso machine ““ you’re crazy if you don’t have one of these. And you’re even crazier if you don’t visit Jill’s for Christmas gift shopping. Or just to pick-up some amusing/naughty cocktail napkins.

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL INDEPENDENT RETAILER and help revitalize your downtown.

Was terrific to visit TWO London markets yesterday…at the Covent and fairgrounds. Lucky London. I’ll be back JANUARY 13th to the London Wine Show ““ giving a few short shows on the main stage. Stay tuned.

P.S. Heard that Tim’s and Mac’s have gotten into the Latte/Espresso game. At last maybe a reason to visit ““ or should that be the drive through!

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