The biggest challenge for local winemakers is getting people to understand and enjoy wines with an “˜edge’. A tangy dryness. The style most popular in Europe. The North American palate favours smoothness, richness and a slight sweetness ““ which is offered by hot climates such as Australia, Argentina and California. Hence their popularity. While we do not have the climate conductive to producing this style, there are winemaking tricks that will deliver hot climate characteristics, and therefore create sales. All the most popular local red wines are the result of these tricks. Local wine with no local character.

Below is real local wine. Bistro-style is how I like to describe these wines as they produce a hearty appetite, and therefore a call-out for food. And often the need for a second bottle. Think good/interesting dinner-table company as opposed to yummy-style party drinks. Think red meats or anything hearty. Red Tractor will be available mid-September at Vintages.

CREEKSIDE 17 “˜Red Tractor’ Cabernet-Merlot, VQA Four-Mile-Creek 11851 Vintages $17.95

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