Drink Beaujolais Now!

mommessinbeaujBeaujolais’ liveliness, fun nature and low alcohol makes it perfect for summer gulping. Red wine to have on picnics, early in the evening and anytime when the mood is lighthearted.~  And, it’s the only red wines that is thirst-quenching ““ providing you know to lightly chill it. Too bad the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau in November gets people thinking it’s a winter drink. It’s not. Drink it NOW!

The good news is the quality is excellent in both the 07 and 08 vintages. And prices have barely increased in a decade ““ Beaujolais is one of today’s wine bargains. Try the following recommendations. But please don’t write and tell me you served Beaujolais at your steak BBQ and nobody enjoyed it. I’m NOT telling you to serve it with steak.

BOUCHARD AINE & FILS 08 Beaujolais, France 9431 $12.45
Brisk and brimming with summer berry flavours. A come alive, energetic red for summer refreshment and socializing. Save the Shiraz till later and start the party with Beaujolais. Lightly chilled of course.

MOMMESSIN 08 Beaujolais, France 313734 $11.95
Exuberant with Beaujolais’ great mix of fruitiness and tartness ““ white wine in a red wine cloak. Delicious summer refreshment. Alfresco lunches, early evening, or to partner with grilled salmon.
P.S. Mommessin is much improved from the old days.

CHAUVENET 07 BEAUJOLAIS, France 6114 $11.75
Fruity, fresh and very gulpable. The classic Beaujolais combination of berry fruits and lip-smacking tartness. A rustic, county feeling adds to the appeal. I have a fondness for this wine because in my Stratford days, a former local restaurant used sell it after hours in a tea pot. Did it taste good with a 2am greasy burger? You bet.

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