Big Guy Does Good

JacobsCreekSparkling-NewThe prize for best big winery goes to Australia’s Jacob’s Creek. Every one of their wines is singing on key, oozing drinkability and delivering great value.

The sparkling is Champagne-like ““ good enough for the wino, but also fun enough for all the gang. Best sparkling wine value in the world. Get a case. I’ve previously recommended the invigorating, herbaceous Sem/Sauv and check-out the Chardonnay for party gulping. The Shiraz is less sweet than most and well priced. You’ll find delicious spicy/exotic flavours and a fireside, warmhearted feeling in the Reserve Shiraz. A quietly confident Aussie.

And congrats to the Jacob’s Creek on the innovative TO transit/billboard advertising campaign.

JACOB’S CREEK Sparkling Brut, Chardonnay/Pinot Noir, Australia 562991 $13.95
JACOB’S CREEK 09 Semillon/Chardonnay, Australia 219105 $11.25
JACOB’S CREEK 09 Chardonnay, Australia 286898 $11.25
JACOB’S CREEK 08 Shiraz, Australia 548644 $12.25
JACOB’S CREEK 07 Shiraz Reserve, Barossa, Australia 66547 $16.95

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  • I purchased JACOB’S CREEK Sparkling Brut, Chardonnay/Pinot Noir for New Years. I’d heard it was good. So I didn’t wait — I popped open the bottle to try a glass. Fantastic! Had it with breakfast the next morning too…

    Had to run out and purchase a bunch of these for New Year’s. Great bottle!

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