Best Year for VQA Rosé


I’ve been drinking local Rosé since day one and have to say that this year’s crop (2012) is the best ever. For quality ““ flavours and richness, and number of wines availability. While most of these wines are through the Vintages department I think you’ll find they are well distributed across the province.~  I’ve arranged my picks from light to rich, from refreshers to meal partners.

InniskillinInniskillin 12 Pinot Noir Rosé feels light and simple at first, but delicious, strawberry fruits unfold as it warms up. The natural tartness of Pinot delivers zesty refreshment. A candidate for those really hot ways. Would be perfect with an alfresco lunch. INNISKILLIN 12 Pinot Noir Rosé, VQA Niagara 336461 Vintages $14.95

Featherstone always makes a friendly, party sipping Rosé. Sure to create a carefree mood and put a shine on life.
FEATHERSTONE 12 Rosé, VQA Niagara 117861 Vintages $14.95

CharmesRoseCharmes Rosé could easily be from Provence. Feels semi rich and exotic. There’s delicious fruitiness and a warm, sunny day feeling. Would flatter almost any summer meal.
CHATEAU DES CHARMES 12 Rose “˜Cuvée d’Andrée’, VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake 333260 Vintages $14.95

PondviewFans of richness will love Pond View and Stratus Rosés. Both deliver luscious mouthfuls of sweet/berry flavor, and a fullness that’s rare for Niagara. There’s also the charm that I once thought was exclusive to the Rosés of Provence. Bravo. Certainly more mealtime than sippers.
POND VIEW 12 Cabernet Franc Rosé, VQA Four Mile Creek 241803 Vintages $14.95
STRATUS 12 Rosé “˜Wildass’, VQA Niagara 71712 Vintages $19.95

MIPP.S. The second biggest Rosé fan in the world is John Maxwell of Allen’s (on the Danforth) and last week our annual Men in Pink luncheon was attended by 30+ local winemakers. Drinking pink AND wearing pink. Who would have though in conservative Ontario! Check out Allen’s huge VQA list and magical back-yard patio.

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  • Since about 1999, I have agreed with Kent Douglas (formerly of 13th Street) that Ontario roses are second only to Tavel. Maybe we are there. I have tasted Thirty Bench, Fielding, Megalomaniac Pink Slip, Southbrook and Pond View 2012 so far and have loved them. Nice push, Billy.

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