$55 County Pinot

xuletThere’s a family down the road from me in Prince Edward County selling wine for $55 a bottle.

I was taking the County back roads from Point Petre to Waupoos when I stumbled on Exultet Estates. Talk about being in the middle of nowhere. This small winery is housed in a charming old dairy building with the vineyards out back. Are they ever anywhere else!

I tasted two Pinots ““ a lightish and charming 08 ($35), and a more concentrated, impressive 09 ($55). I purchased the 08 because if its current drinkability, and because I wasn’t mentally prepared to spend $55 on a bottle of wine. While I realize that the economics of operating a small winery dictate these steep prices I feel there is also a need to earn them. In the first few years it’s best to bait customers with something reasonably priced. We’ll return for the big fish once we have more confidence in the winery. I mentioned this to owners Gerry and Lia Spinosa and was delighted to hear that they are in complete agreement. Look for a friendly priced Pinot next season.

P.S. The farm just to the east of Exultet has the best free range eggs I’ve ever tasted. And Long Dog Winery is lust around the corner. Three attractions in the middle of nowhere.

P.S.S. If you’re coming to the County on the long weekend, check out VICKI’S VEGGIES HEIRLOOM TOMATO FESTIVAL. It is awesome. Taste over 100 varieties of tomatoes. www.vickisveggies.com

EXULTET ESTATES 1106 Royal Road, Milford, Prince Edward County

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