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Planning Your Bardolino Season

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bardonlinoBardolino is Valpolicella’s younger sister and one of wine’s great summer reds. Don’t miss this opportunity to get some from Monte Del Fra, one of the best producers. So vivacious, so refreshing and so good with a platter of charcuterie. Or a game of bocce!

MONTE DEL FRA 11 Bardolino, Veneto, Italy 134554 Vintages $13.95

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7 Comments to Planning Your Bardolino Season

  1. Travis Oke

    Whenever I drink Bardolino I sing it to the tune of “Oklahoma”.. Baaar-dolino where the wind goes sweeping o’er the plain – Bardolino”

  2. billy

    Travis, sounds like great Utube material. Get on it!
    The Baaar-dolino barber shop quartet!

  3. Neil

    Too many Bardolinos. # is 134544 but may be moot point only 317 left in all of LCBO {&, ha, ha 5 in Milverton, gotta watch those Mennonites, man they’re all over Bardolinos}.

  4. billy

    Neil, stealing Bardolino from Mennonites is only a petty crime! Just don’t take a chicken, pig, cow . . or a prized pie. How’s the new Stratford LCBO?

    • Neil

      The new LCBO in Stratford is big bright & a fun visit except, if you get within 20′ of the enormous walk-in cooler room, the automatic doors slide open scaring the pants off me. Really though my chances of finding Billy recommendations in Stratford have more than tripled. Yippee!

      • billy

        Neil, walk in cooler room, really! Haven’t seen one of those. Sounds like a fun place to grab a Rosé and make out on a hot afternoon! Bring on Summer.

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