Importing Wine

SO YOU WANT TO BECOME A WINE IMPORTER?! Don’t do it till you hear all the pros and cons from a seasoned pro. I…

Back to Reality

Had an AMAZING two weeks in Ireland. Billy’s Best Bottles Irish Wine Tour was a blast. Couldn’t have asked for better company, wine, accommodation,…

Wise Words

“Embrace Peculiarity” JOHN FLUEVOG Our FIRST GROUP for Billy’s Best Bottles IRISH TOUR arrived today! Hope we all smile as we embrace peculiarity! Stay…

Hot Tip

“Serve cocktails in glasses made of ice. It forces your guests to drink faster.” RED GREEN

France in PEC

FRANCE in PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY Closson Chase has just released two very stylish wines. An elegant, mid-range Chardonnay with the refreshing feeling of Chablis….