We love Portland Oregon! And REALLY REALLY wanted to take a tour in April, 2016. We did the research and were planning on moving ahead with this, but with the poor Canadian dollar we have decided against it for the time being.

We hope down the road, but for now we’re laying low. Sorry to disappoint those who were excited about going. Let’s keep an eye on the Canadian dollar and keep hopeful!


1.~  British-style winters so spring is at least six weeks ahead of Ontario ““ and spectacular. Truly spectacular.
2.~  Dozens of cool, funky neighbourhoods ““ sprinkled with cafes, bars and colourful homes. Looks like everything was designed by fun-loving people ““ not planners. Arty meets hippy, meets modern. Great life-style.
3.~  Probably the greatest variety, and best quality selection of alcohol in the world. Seriously. And very few silly rules ““ you can drink in a wine store.
4.~  No sales tax, so $25 costs $25.
5.~  Spectacular gardens all over, and a magical Japanese one overlooking the city. If there is an inch of space between road and sidewalk ““ it will contain flowers.
6.~  Food trucks. They call them carts. Usually corralled into a fun, carnival-style setting. Often selling beer.
7.~  Almost litter free. Remember when Toronto was the same?
8.~  Powell’s Book Store. People read here!
9.~  The McMenamin brothers, who have converted dozens of schools and other institutions into exciting hotels/restaurants/bars. Brewing, distilling and fermenting their own stash of drinks. My kind of heroes.
10.~  Friendly, happy people ““ because they live in Portland.

Click the first image to launch the slide show. Enjoy!