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I may be wrong, but I’m thinking you do not need a ton of wine buying recommendations in January. Unless they’re dead cheap ““ and therefore irresistible! So why don’t I mix it up a bit with some service tips, an old trick, or just entertaining nonsense while still looking for a few good “˜cheapies’.

A wine will taste/feel GOOD when it’s right for the moment/mood. And will flop when it’s not. Even if it cost $50, got a 93 point rating, or someone tells you it’s their favourite. So here’s a tip. The simplest and least expensive way to get more out of wine is to work on YOURSELF. Yes, you! Never open a bottle till you have answered the question “which wine will compliment the situation. What “˜vibe’ am I in the mood for?”

Taking the time to answer this question will drastically improve your chances of an enjoyable bottle. And reduce the possibility of a “˜wrong’ bottle. But don’t sweat it ““ you won’t get it right every time. When the bottle you opened does not hit the spot simply recork the “˜mistake’ and open something else. (Refrigerated open bottles keep for at least 5 days. I often find that Monday’s failure is Tuesday’s hero). To help you with the mood question here are a few wine & mood partners.

You’re wanting…
Mellow ““ Merlot
Easy-going ““ Pinot Grigio
Loud/energizing ““ Dry Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc
Charm/seduction ““ Pinot Noir
Richness ““ Shiraz, Cabernet, Malbec
Refreshment ““ Sauvignon Blanc/Beaujolais
A ‘Life is Good’ moment ““ Sparkling
Something different ““ your call

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