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Howdy all

Unbeknown to me, Wine Boot Camp is a registered trademark and so the former Billy’s Wine Boot Camp is now entitled Billy’s Online Wine School.

Lesson 2 is coming tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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  • Last Friday a group of us tried out the Cotes de Rhone that you recommended at a dinner party! We decided comfort food required meatloaf, mashed potatoes and apple cris. Of course, being foodies, we could not leave well enough alone and the meatloaf was two kinds – beef and pork – stuffed with mushrooms and cheese respectively! Also added home made mushroom soup! The apple crisp was topped with freshly home made ice cream! Very very comforting and not at all like Mom used to make! The wine stood up well, although it was unobtrusive with the meal; the guests were sated. I’m not sure whether I’ll buy it in a hurry again. New Year’s resolutions were in a shambles and we are not sure whether we can stay the course for every week!

    Not much of a story as it lacks characters and a plot – but that may be your plot. Can’t figure out how to add an attachment or I would send the lovely pics that we took for you. Now the Yvan Mau calls me – so many wines and so little time!

  • You, Billy, are a gentleman and a scholar, not to mention a fellow wine evangelist. Thank you for honoring my Wine Boot Camp trademark. Looking forward to sharing a bottle of Pinot Noir with you sometime in the near future.

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