Win Wine & Chocolate Passes!

Here’s a yummy contest. I have SIX passes for Niagara-on-the-Lake Wineries~  ‘DAYS of WINE & CHOCOLATE’. Explore Niagara-on-the-Lake wineries any weekend in February, from 11 am to 5pm. Check out the 25 wineries…all or some! Each stop will feature a VQA wine matched with a decadent chocolate selection. Price per tix is valued at $33.90.

Just tell me your current favourite VQA wine at this post and I’ll mail you the pass.

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  • Ah, I’m confused. If it’s my favourite wine of those listed on the Wineries of Niagara website, it would have to be Coyote’s Run Pinot Noir! Thanks!

  • Oh, Kato and Billy, what a fantastic idea!!
    And look at all of the comments so far!

    I’m afraid that I can’t participate in the contest part of this post; February weekends are packed for this Realtor so a trip to Niagara is not in the cards. 🙁 Still… I’m always thrilled to wax snobbish about wine (just ask my poor wife)! ~ So here are a few faves from various Ontario wine regions…

    Niagara area:
    30 Bench small lot Rieslings – talk about tasting the soil! “Triangle Vineyard” may be tops.
    Henry of Pelham’s Baco Noir – uninhibited! Like an old friend with nothing to prove.
    Angel’s Gate Gamay – spirited, playful and crying out for “feel-good” music.

    North Shore Lake Erie:
    Colio CEV Gamay Noir – sunshine on the deck stuff. Fire up the BBQ and call some friends!
    Colchester Ridge Estates Winery (CREW) Cab Franc. Meat! Preferably filet.

    Prince Edward County:
    Closson Chase “Kocsis Vineyard” Chardonnay – indulgent. Forget food. Read a good book.
    The Old Third Pinot Noir – “sigh!” (Thank you for THIS introduction, Billy!)

    …and so many more that I haven’t tried yet! Can’t wait for the next happy accident.

  • I know there’s no tickets left (a big shame, because I’d fly home to go!) but it’s still worth posting. I’ve moved to Northern Alberta for the year, and I’m very disappointed that I have so much difficulty getting my Ontario wines!

    Right now I’m dieing for INNISKILLIN LEGACY RIESLING 2008. While being an excellent wine it’s mostly the memories it’s conjuring up! I first tasted this bottle on a Niagara road-trip with a friend and we both got bottles. We went with empty pockets, so it consumed our very limited wine budget! I’m not the biggest riesling fan but it was worth it! Could have been the company I kept… Beautiful country, beautiful wine, beautiful girl!

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