White Wine of the Year

I know we’re only a week into 2013 but I’d like to nominate Cono Sur Viognier for white wine of the year. Sure I’m jumping the gun, and some might think I’m looking to take the year off, but not so. This is a calculated bet based on three pillars; the winery’s track record, the grape’s universal appeal and most importantly what’s in the bottle.

Each year Cono Sur keeps raising the bar in the everyday wine category and while its Viognier is everyday priced, it hits another level in quality. Certainly on par with most wines at twice the price. How do they do it you ask? They plan it. Low production costs and large scale are factors but the story is really about brilliant management and winemaking. And the burning desire to be the best. Everyone I’ve ever met from Cono Sur has exuded a Gretzky-like prowess and a “˜going places’ confidence.

Drinkers started to fall in love with the Viognier grape as they were tiring of Chardonnay ““ which it kinda resembles. Except it’s less rich and glamorous. I like to describe it as Chardonnay without make-up. Naturally pretty. Cono Sur’s wine is drier and therefore more refreshing than most. And it’s loaded with charm as is the grape’s hallmark. Once poured, it’s hard to put down. Certainly a no-brainer choice for all your parties in 2013. Nothing like enjoying the best all year long.

CONO SUR 11 Viognier, “˜Bicicleta’ Chile 64287 $9.95

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  • This puppy just appeared at the Stratford maul {sic} & IT’S ON SALE @ $8.95. I’m just sipping my first glass of it & you are, Mr. Bill, right on the bulls-eye as usual. Back for a case or two this weekend.


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