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What to pour at your wedding?

THE SITUATION: Mary and Ashley wrote to me asking if I’d be able to help them with wine selections for their upcoming wedding. As it’s ‘the season’, we thought it might make for an interesting post. So here goes. I’m offering budget, premium and local options along with mood and food pairings to cover a multi-course meal. Feel free to shorten the list for a more casual event.

MY ANSWER: A good plan is to sample some of my suggestions ahead of the day ““ get a feel for what you want. I’m assuming that there will be some outdoor portion to the event and the need for wines with a summer feeling. AND I’m, assuming you have a copy of my 2012 Book or App as that’s the source of my recommendations.

SPARKLING wines to have at the reception

Budget: BAREFOOT Pinot Grigio Sparkling, Calif~  P.93

Local: PELEE Secco, Ont P.78

Premium: MUMM Napa Brut, Calif~  P.83


FRESH WHITES to have with appetizers

Budget: CAVALLINA 10 Grillo/Pinot Grigio, Sicily P.67

Local: MALIVOIRE 10 Guilty Men, Ont P.51

Premium: MIQUEL 10 Chardonnay “˜Unoaked’, France P.73


NICE WHITES that would work if you’re just pouring one white all evening

Budget: SPINELLI 10 Pinot Grigio, Italy P.91

Local: KONZELMANN 10 Pinot Blanc, Niag P.106

Premium: YABBY LAKE “˜Cooralook’ 08 Pinot Grigio, Austrl P.121


FRESH REDS/ROSE to pour if it’s a daytime event and the main course is white meat, fish or vegetarian

Budget: MEZZOMONDO 11 Rosé, Italy P.125

Local: ANGELS GATE 09 Gamay, Niag P.137

Premium: LOUIS JADOT 10 Beaujolais-Villages, France P.160


RICH REDS to pour with red meat main course

Budget: CUSUMANO 10 Syrah, Sicily~  P.167

Local: COLIO 08 “˜CEV’ Merlot, Lake Erie P.187

Premium: CONO SUR 09 Syrah Reserva, Chile P.201


DESSERT WINE to pour with wedding cake

Budget/local: COLIO “˜CEV’ 08 LH Vidal, Ont P.216


Best wishes for a lovely day and life! xox

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