LCBO Vintages Saturday April 2, 2011

THE LOW DOWN: There’s something for everyone in my whites ““ spicy sippers, keen refreshers and blockbusters. The South African wines offer new experiences in rich whites, and Torrontes is worth exploring for the summer season. Not a lot of action in the reds but you cannot go wrong with the Rhone. And Pelham’s Gamay is a classic light red.

Burgundy is the feature but I couldn’t find either a value or a treat.


Wine style: fresh white
ST. LUCAS 10 Torrontes, Mendoza, Argentina 694513 $11.95
Torrontes is a the Argentinian edition of Muscat. This one is big on refreshment and would be a good intro to the grape. Not to mention a popular house wine.

salmonWine style: fresh white
SALMON-UNDHOF 10 Gruner Veltliner, Austria 669606 $12.95
Seriously, dry, tart and refreshing. Shades of dry Riesling with a little spice. Something different to start the evening.

Wine style: fresh white
PALACIO DE OTAZU 08 Chardonnay, Navarra, Spain 211003 $14.95
Refreshing, non-oaked Chardonnay that explodes with energy. Five star aperitif or partner for seafood.

dartingWine style: nice & easy white
DARTING 08 Riesling Kabinett, Pfalz, Germany 950212 $15.95
Delish, delish, off-dry sipper. Typical spicy flavours of the Pfalz region. Low alcohol, summer in the garden wine. Darting has been sending us delish Riesling for at least two decades.

catailWine style: nice & easy white
CATTAIL CREEK Chardonnay Musque, VQA Four Mile Creek
222257 $17.50
Forget the Chardonnay word and thing dry white wine with a hit of lime and a dash of Muscat spicy sweetness. Off-dry but quite refreshing. Hard to imagine a better summer drink. Cattail are doing really well with their whites.

lammershoekbellinghamwhiteWine style: rich whites
LAMMERSHOEK 08 “˜Roulette Blanc’, South Africa 225458 $16.95
BELLINGHAM 08 “˜Fair Maiden’, South Africa 220020 $17.95
These are blockbuster, Rhone-style whites. Broad, lush ““ would be palate killers if it were not for their vitality. Hulks with moves.~  Certainly an experience. I suggest late evening drinking.


oysterBWine style: dry sparkling
OYSTER BAY Sparkling Brut, New Zealand 163634 $21.95
A Chard sparkler with a delicious tease of delicate flavours. Very classy, very Champagne-ish but not too austere. To refresh, to celebrate, to live-it-up. Big time bargain.

Wine style: fresh red
HENRY of PELHAM 09 Gamay, VQA Short Hills Bench 291112 $14.95
Bright, light and gulpable ““ just how Gamay should be. Great vitality, great refreshment. Sure to put you in the mood for summer. Lightly chill.

rasteauWine style: rich red
CAVE de RASTEAU 09 Cotes du Rhone-Villages, “˜Ortas’, France 998716 $15.00
A shade more lush and Merlot-ish than most Rhones so be prepared for instant seduction. Could be the crowdpleaser of the year.

bellinghamredWine style: rich red
BELLINGHAM 06 “˜Dragon’s Lair’, South Africa 68692 $19.95
A Rhone grape blend combining richness and spicy flavours with an earthy, rustic feeling. Lots of character and the something different quality of South African reds. Needs a hearty supper.

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