Union ““ The Allan and Andrew Show

UNIONThere has been a lot of new wine brands coming out of Niagara this year (Fresh, Unity, Guilty Men, Flourish) ““ an attempt to compete with popular brands from elsewhere. More safe wines for safe shoppers.

But there’s one new brand that you should explore. Union white and red. This “˜virtual’ winery was created by Allan Jackson (former Jackson-Triggs) and Andrew von Teichman (former Pelee Island) and their first pair of multiple grape blends are both good drinks and a good attempt at making local wine more accessible and affordable.

Unity White tastes and feels like a mild edition of Sauvignon. Zesty but also lighthearted and crowdpleasing. Excellent house wine. The red reminds me of café wine in Europe. Light, gutsy, refreshing and a good set-up for food. The original purpose of wine. Also a house wine candidate ““ unless you’re addicted to the richness in Shiraz and Malbec.

UNION 09 WHITE, Riesling/Sauvignon/Gewurztraminer/Chardonnay, VQA Ontario 197145 $13.95
UNION 07 RED, Pinot Noir/Cabernet/Merlot/Gamay, VQA Ontario 197152 $13.95


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