The Chenin Blanc grape is not well known in these parts, but don’t let that stop you from buying the two wines below. Amazing quality wines at delicious prices. Chenin is a yin yang character, delivering both refreshing tartness, and a slight sweetness. Shades of Royal Gala apples. For me it’s the perfect party sipper, anytime sipper, and patio lunch partner. The wines below would be a great stash to have open in your fridge, plus you will learn a lot about how the different “˜expressions’ in wine connect to moments and moods.

KWV 19 Chenin Blanc “˜Vinecrafter’, South Africa 18689 $9.80
. . . anytime. KWV’s wine is about sociability. Beautiful simplicity. Delivers a huge blast of freshness, with just enough fruitiness to delight the palate. Some might describe it as off-dry ““ whatever ““ I say think sociability, lighthearted, chill well, and let the party begin. The perfect “˜anytime’ bottle to have in your fridge.

ROBERTSON WINERY 19 Chenin Blanc, South Africa 495507 $9.45
. . . refresher, aperitif. The Robertson is also super zesty, accented with a mineral note. There is slightly more flavour, and a hint of richness. Shades of Sauvignon here, so think hot evening refresher, aperitif or seafood partner.

CONO SUR 2019 Viognier, Chile 64287 $11.70 ($9.70 till July 19)
. . . summer fullness. If you have somehow managed to avoid meeting Cono Sur’s Viognier, now is the time to make a date. Again, there’s a slight impression of sweetness and this time with richness. But these features are tamed by a lovely freshness. What a great blast of Summer’s fullness and richness in a bottle. A WOW for sure. Fabulous partner for grilled white meats.


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