The Screech Story

screech-rum-logoSCREECH is the national drink of Newfoundland.

But what do you know about the origin of the drink, or the name? Or the Global Order of Screechers? (no, I’m not kidding)

The first three persons to write in will receive a Screech-In Guide which explains all. How to perform the Screech-In ceremony, apply the tattoo and mix a few cocktails such as The Howler and the Knockout.

I’ve never been much of a rum drinker but it’s growing on me since joining the Order. “Deed I is!” You’ll find Screech in the rum section of your local LCBO.

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  • I do know that the first time I visit NFLD I am required to drink a shot of Screech (rum), kiss a codfish, and make some sort of an oath declaring myself an honourary NFLDer.
    I am looking forward to my first visit. I’ve never done any of those three things.

  • Hi Billy,
    I missed reading your blog for a few days but when I saw the Screech reference, I recalled a Farley Mowat book entitled “The Boat Who Wouldn”t Float” . He gives some background information about Newfoundland’s trademark drink. I hope you enjoy this passage from the book.

    Screech is a drink peculiar to Newfoundland. In times gone by, it was made by pouring boiling water into empty rum barrels to dissolve whatever rummish remains might have lingered there. Molasses and yeast were added to the black, resultant fluid, and this mixture was allowed to ferment for a decent length of time before it was distilled. Sometimes it was aged for a few days in a jar containing a plug of nigger-twist chewing tobacco.

    However, the old ways have given way to the new, and Screech is now a different beast. It is the worst conceivable quality of Caribbean rum, bottled by the Newfoundland government under the Screech label, and sold to poor devils who have no great desire to continue living. It is not as powerful as it used to be, but this defect can be, and often is, remedied by the addition of quantities of lemon extract. Screech is usually served mixed with boiling water. In its consequent neargaseous state the transfer of the alcohol to the bloodstream is instantaneous. Very little is wasted in the digestive tract.

    This was my first experience with Screech and nobody had warned me. Harold sat back with an evil glitter in his eye and watched with delight as I tried to quench my thirst. At least I think he did. My memories of the balance of that evening are unclear.

    Talk to you later,

  • I don’t what all the negativism about Sreech rum is all about ? I personally find it to be very mild and very good tasting , compared to many other rums . I wish rhat I had discovered it long ago. Maurice Catellier , St. Malo , Manitoba .

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