The Prospects Are Good

British Columbia has the perfect wine business. Locally produced and locally consumed. The locals buy the entire production. Well almost.The bigger wineries see the importance of an outside market and ship a few cases to other parts of Canada. Boutique wineries were also selling to other parts via the web till the LCBO enforced the no cross border rule.

Mission Hill Winery has been our main provider of BC wines and here’s a new pair worth exploring. They’re bottled under the label, Prospect Winery, ‘Ganton & Lardon’, who were two of the Okanagan Valley’s original grape growing families. Each wine has a folk tale about the region and they’re good ““ the tales and the wines.

The Chardonnay is rich, lush and in the sunny Californian style. A pleasant wine to partner charred/spicy flavored foods. The Pinot is light, earthy and charming. Lightly chill and think about striking up the BBQ. Perhaps salmon fillets with asparagus.

Prospect Winery 07 Chardonnay “˜The Census Count’, VQA Okanagan, BC 419296 $14.95
Prospect Winery 06 Pinot Noir “˜Fats Johnson’, VQA Okanagan, BC 92304 $15.95

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