I was in the LCBO looking at this new white from TORRES when a neighbor asked for a recommended white “other than Chardonnay”. Sent him home with this Verdejo ““ and have not seen him since. Just kidding!

If Chards tend to be sweet/rich and Sauvignons tend to be herbaceous/fruity, then this Verdejo is savoury/tangy. Think what a slice of onion does in a sandwich or on a burger. Think wine that wants to compliment food rather than impress on its own. Would be perfect with almost any summer lunch, or pastry appetizer. Or pour at your next party for “˜something different’.

What I’ve always enjoyed in Torres reds is the frankness and honest expression. Wine that tastes of wine, as opposed to a popular taste concoction. This Tempranillo differs from the Rioja version in there is no spicy oak flavours (sorry), instead you get the natural fruitiness, and a refreshing tang. Think Chianti. An invitation to supper ““ on the lighter side of meats such as chicken or pork. Or the casual side such as burgers or tomato sauced pasta. An ideal house red.

TORRES 18 Verdejo “˜Sangre de Toro’, Spain 668210 $13.95

TORRES 17 Tempranillo “˜Sangre de Toro’, La Mancha, Spain 668228 $13.95

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