The New Aussie White

Yering-Chardonnay-2008Australia wowed the world with easy-drinking (slightly sweet) wines that everyone could enjoy. And there was an industry similarity and consistency so that the drinker was never disappointed. Aussie wines were a “˜brand’ that people came to rely on and were loyal to.

As with all successful brands there comes an imitator, or two. Chile and Argentina are now producing Aussie-style, easy drinking and consistent wines. And under-cutting the price. They have also upped- the-quality offering a shade more character and individually. Thereby appealing to both the novice and more fussy drinker. Australia are in trouble.

Like all good competitors the Aussies are fighting back. Reinventing themselves as producers of individualistic wines. Something different instead of the same. Naturally I’m all in favour of this turn around, but don’t expect anything as dramatic as the current promotion at the LCBO would have you believe. It will take time. For an example of a more interesting and drier-style Chardonnay check our Little Yering. It’a a world of difference from Little Penguin.

YERING STATION 08 Chardonnay “˜Little Yering’, Australia 145318 $14.95

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