Port is one of the most delicious drinks on the planet, and yet few people buy it. Why? That has puzzled the producers ever since the demise of the English gentry who used to devour the stuff. Perhaps it’s too strong to drink like wine or beer, and not strong enough for booze drinkers! Port houses are putting efforts into the cocktail market with Port and Tonic which I think is a bit of a sacrilege.

While Vintage-style is considered the Grand Master of Ports, it’s a big spend and needs decades of cellaring to show its talent. For me, Tawny is the way into the delights of Port without breaking the bank and waiting around. Burmester delivers warmth and vitality in a sea of Christmas pudding flavours. What a delicious mouthful! Especially when lightly chilled. While after-dinner sipping is the traditional time for Tawny Port, I find it also hits the spot on winter afternoons by the fireside, or to fortify the spirits in a poker game.

BURMESTER 10-year-old Tawny Port, Portugal 223958 Vintages $29.95

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