The Cellar is Dead

Cellaring is an old practice from the days when wine was undrinkable early in life due to crude manufacturing and lack of vineyard management. Today, ninety-nine-percent of wine is ready to drink when it hits the shelf. Your purchases will not improve if cellared. Sure there are a few $25+ wines that need more time to evolve but why bother when you can live a very full wine life without these. And have you noticed that cellar owners tend to become collectors rather than drinkers. They sit on wine till it goes over the hill ““ because their events and friends are never worthy of it. Everyone loses out. Remember it’s much less of a tragedy to drink a wine too young than too old.

The other assumption with cellaring is the belief that everyone will enjoy mature-tasting red wines. Old reds~  tend to have flavours and feelings suggesting an old mens’ club ““ faded leather, cigars and roast beef. WEINERT 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon, Mendoza, Argentina. (656363 $16.85 released last year in Vintages) is a great example of a mature red (tastes a lot older than the year on the label).

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