Stocking the Holiday Cupboard #3

Here’s part 3 of your DREAM WINE SHOPPING LIST for Ontario residents. Alternatively you could purchase a copy of BILLY’S BEST WINES for 2010 and do all your shopping in one big swoop. Just a suggestion. It’s at book stores or from~

3.~ ~ ~  A few general purpose LOCAL REDS

Budget priced red is not one of Ontario’s strengths, but there are a few offerings that will keep most party goers happy. It’s often a good idea to tell friends that the local red wine style is lighter than Aussie Shiraz. Not lesser”“ just lighter.


Pelee Island ‘Stepping up to the Plate’ 08 Cab/Merlot, VQA Ontario 435321~  $12.75
Henry of Pelham 07 Baco Noir,
VQA Ontario 270927 $13.65
Angels Gate 07 Gamay,
VQA Niagara 107714 $12.95

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