‘Lily’ Sparkling

People are drinking a lot more sparkling wine. Sales are way up. I have no idea why this is happening so I can only assume it has something to do with the Recession or the Aquarian age of enlightenment. More people celebrating everyday, as opposed to waiting for a big moment.

Another reason may be that sparkling wine has never been so good, and so affordable. If you’re not into the sparkling habit yet may I offer a tip that might help get you started. Don’t think that you always have to finish the bottle. Have a glass or two at the cocktail hour, recork the bottle and repeat the following evening. With the help of a Champagne stopper (an essential wine tool) a refrigerated bottle will remain fizzy and fresh for 3 to 4 days.

lillyThe Zen books tell us to live in, and celebrate, the moment. I try my best by having at least one glass of sparkling wine every day. It’s my ‘made it through the day’ and ‘great to be home’ celebration.

If bubbly-every-day just seems too outrageous for you let me offer a tip: down-style it. Buy one of the great cheapies below and drink it from a tumbler like they do in Italy. And to avoid the temptation of finishing the bottle, recork and return it to the fridge after pouring. It will remain good for up to five days.

Did you know that only Champagne, from that region in France, can be called Champagne? All the other fizzy wines are simply called sparkling. But don’t let wine snobs intimidate you into buying Champagne. You can lead a very happy life with all the other sparkling wines.

One of the best kept secrets in local wine is COLIO ESTATES sparkling wine that goes by the name LILY. It feels both classy and yummy ““ the ultimate experience in sparkling wine.

Colio Estates Sparkling “˜Lily’, Ontario 509083 $14.95

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