Some of Ontario’s Finest

The ‘value’ word is most often used in connection with low priced wines. This is a mistake.

Using the word when speaking of inexpensive wines (or anything) is redundant. If it’s cheap, it’s cheap. If it’s good as well as cheap, we need only say so. Value really only enters the picture when the price is medium or high.

Value is a relative term. And it can also be subjective ““ each of us finding value in different places according to our interests. The Champagne drinker, for example, can find value in a really good $20 sparkling wine, while someone else might never see value in a $20 wine.

The following is a list of high quality local wines mostly in the $20-$35 price range. Good values to someone who buys wine in this range. I seldom pay this much but make an exception for local because of the extra satisfaction derived. Or, I justify it by reminding myself of the number of times I pay $35 at restaurants for generic house wine.

vqaOntarioLogoALVENTO WINERY 07 “˜Emile’ $29.95
. . . a Bordeaux blend with an earthy Barolo character

CASA DEA Winery (Prince Edward County) 09 Chardonnay Reserve $24.95
. . bold with a classy feeling

CAVE SPRING CELLARS 08 Riesling “˜CEV’ $29.95
. . . top-notch dry Riesling from one of Niagara’s oldest plantings

COLANERI Winery 09 Pinot Gris “˜Cavallone’ $25.00
. . .rich P.G. made with semi-dried grapes. A must-visit, Roman-style~  new winery

CREEKSIDE Winery 09 Viognier $28.95
. . .fresh meets nice, meets rich. A charmer.

FIVE ROWS of LOWERY VINEYARDS 09 Sauvignon Blanc $25.00
. . .rich, Fumé style. Promising, tiny new winery.

HENRY of PELHAM 07 Cabernet/Merlot Reserve $24.95 (Vintages)
. . .classic beef or lamb partner. Mellow, mature flavours.

JACKSON-TRIGGS Winery 07 Syrah “˜Delaine Vineyard’ $29.95 (Vintages)
. . .peppery, spicy, seductive

MEGALOMANIAC 07 Cabernet/Merlot Reserve “˜Sous Terre’ $44.95
. . . manly and seriously good

NYARI Winery 09 Sauvignon Blanc $19.00
. . .spring-day feeling. Bring on the asparagus.

PELLER ESTATES Winery 07 Cabernet Sauvignon “˜Signature’ $38.00
. . .smooth/spicy and sure to please.

PENINSULA RIDGE Winery 09 Sauvignon Blanc “˜Vintners Private Reserve’ $25.00
. . . freshness meets richness ““ you’ll want more and more.

PILLITTERI Winery 06 Chardonnay Reserve “˜Exclamation’ $26.00
. . .very dry, earthy, old-style. Wonderful food wine.

POND VIEW Winery 09 Chardonnay “˜Barrel Fermented’ $17.00
. . .a lot of glamour for the price

RAVINE Winery 07 Reserve Red $55.00
. . .modeled on Bordeaux, but even better

ROSEWOOD Winery 09 Chardonnay Reserve $35.00
. . .classy, white tablecloth Chard

THIRTY BENCH Winery 07 Cabernet Franc “˜Small Lot’ $40.00
. . .Saturday night at the Keg feeling

TAWSE Winery 08 Chardonnay “˜Robyn’s Block’ $35.00
. . .baby you got it all

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