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Carlo Petrini founded the Slow Food movement in response to McDonalds corruption of Italy’s eating culture. He was repulsed by the invasion of fast food burger joints into Italy, and he has done an amazing job in providing a platform for lovers, and producers of real food ““ worldwide. Anyone who has experienced Slow Foods “˜Eataly’ establishments in Turin or New York is likely to be a convert for life.

So why would Eataly open a take-out “˜Hamburgheria’ joint in downtown Turin? I visited to see if it might be special in some way, but it wasn’t. Less plastic than the big chains, but no better than the scores of gourmet burger operations. Does Slow Food need fast-food revenues to sustain its operations? Say it ain’t so!

P.S. One week after the Turin experience, my partner Kato ordered a burger at Cantina d’Avillez in Lisbon. “Best of the year . . . maybe ever”. Cantina d’Avillez is a bistro off-shoot of Lisbon’s Michelin star, Belcanto Restaurant and the burger is crafted with care and respect ““ a Slow Food experience for sure.

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