I’ve always been a bit surprised at the number of people who refuse to drink Beaujolais. They have their reasons of course, but I’m determined to keep singing the praises of one of the world’s more delightful light red wines. Here are a few reasons why I drink Beaujolais, chilled of course, otherwise the wine doesn’t work.

Beaujolais is one of the few reds that delivers a blast of refreshment, which I welcome to start my evening, or start a party.

Beaujolais has delicious pure fruit flavours ““ no attempts to get a wow with added sweetness.

Beaujolais has a frankness and simplicity that invites a feeling of relaxation and fun.

Beaujolais is the wine equivalent of Pop Music ““ think of the fun, early Beatles tunes.

Beaujolais usually goes over well at family events with people who are intimidated by wine.

Beaujolais delivers a “˜lighten up, have fun feeling’.

Beaujolais hits-the-spot for early fall picnics, parties and patio lunches. Partners well with grilled salmon, roast chicken, and Indian curry.

For sure, Beaujolais is not an all-evening wine, but give it a go in the above situations.


GEORGES DUBOEUF 18 Beaujolais-Villages, France 122077 $15.05 ($13.05 till Sept 13)

P.S. Most Rhone reds are medium to full bodied, but Les Dauphins shared Beaujolais’s lighthearted feeling and sense of fun. It’s a bit commercial as in delivering a ton of niceness, but it still offers delicious red wine flavours and a suggestion of evenings at a French café. How lovely is that! And it’s sale price! Best suited to similar uses as Beaujolais. Chilled of course.

LES DAUPHINS 18 Cotes du Rhone, France 385385 $13.95~  ($11.95 til Sept 13)

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