Regular readers might have been wondering what happened to my perennial favourite Rosé ““ wonder no more. Mas Des Bressades has hit all the right notes again with the 2018 vintages. Rosé is the most difficult drinking experience to describe as it’s very much a “˜feel’ thing. Drinking Bressades gives me the feeling of being at a beautiful restaurant/café in the south of France. What is it in the wine that delivers that feeling? All I can offer is good proportions of freshness, flavor and a certain something! Try a few bottles and see if it works for you. May I suggest you put some thought into the setting/atmosphere, the glassware, and the food. The wine will shine with almost any food if you get the other parts right. As is the case with all wines.

MAS DES BRESSADES 18 Rosé, Costieres de Nimes, France 950576 ~ $16.95

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