Can I interest you in a retro red at a retro price? Of course! This wine is worth every penny at $11.85, but the discount puts it into the super value category. It’s a Bordeaux, but the everyday variety, not one of those highfalutin Chateaux Something. My first gulp of Lacour Tourny took me back decades ““ to a time when the wine world was smaller, and all reds were seriously dry with some pucker. After a glass, you moved on to food. Back then, red wine was not yet a party drink. If you share my enjoyment of frank, honest, dusty-dry reds that invite us to the dinner table, Lacour Tourny is a must have. Lightly chilled it’s a perfect partner for everything from stews, to roasts to burgers. Or make a pretend picnic with a crusty baguette and cheese.

P.S. The Maquis de Tourny worked in the reign of Louis XV to build the handsome city of Bordeaux ““ hence the drawing of the Grand Theatre on the label.

LACOUR TOURNY 18 Bordeaux, France 17447 $11.85 ($10.35 till Feb 28)

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