Prince Edward County Wines

The dope is this ““ it’s working. Prince Edward County (PEC) is over the baby years and there are a dozen or two wines that can hold their own on the world stage. Not bad for a region that is barely a decade old.

Before you hop into your helicopter or hummer you need to know that PEC is also churning out ordinary and dull wines too ““ no different that any other wine region in the world.

After an intensive three day tour and tasting I have to say that it’s the top-end wines that are most impressive. Which is really what the County should be about ““ small holdings, making premium wine. Lots of individual expressions. Quirky and otherwise. A version of Burgundy. Hallelujah.

Premium wine involves a process of selection and rejection. The rejects~  also have a place ““ providing us with everyday, affordable stuff. Think of them along the same lines as cheaper cuts of meat…offering good everyday nourishment when handled with imagination.

Wines are just part of the County experience. Food and art culture are also worth checking out. Picnics on one of the limestone ledges are as good as a trip to Europe. I’ve written about some of these side offerings in this blog…and there’s more coming soon.

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